Are you experiencing any of these profit pains?

  • You are the last to be paid...

    Once you have paid all your bills, there is often not enough left in the bank to pay you, if you get paid at all.

  • Your hourly rate sucks...

    You are the hardest working employee in your business. But you are not being properly rewarded.

  • You dread tax bills...

    You don't have cash put aside, so when it's time to pay your tax bills you have to borrow the cash from somewhere else.

  • Your bottom line is suffering...

    On the outside everything looks rosy but on the inside you are hemorrhaging cash have nasty profit leaks you can't control.

  • You have no plan...

    You know you need a plan. You always intend to write a plan but you are so busy with the day to day that it never happens.

  • You just want more...

    You want more profit and more take-home pay, you have dreams, goals and plans - you just need a little support.

Introducing Profit Hackers...

What is it? 

  • It's financial coaching to help you get clear on your profit goals.
  • It's financial mentoring to help you achieve those goals and support when you need it.
  • It's a money membership to give you the tools, tips and techniques to achieve your goals.
  • It's an online membership with profit masterclasses that you can consume at your own pace and refer back to when you need to. 
  • It's a rolling 90 day profit program, breaking each 90 day plan into bite-sized achievable steps
  • It's daily actions, weekly plans, monthly milestones and quarterly targets. No overwhelm, no stress, just keep moving forward to your goal. One step at a time.
  • It's a community of business owners, just like you - striving to bring more profit into their businesses and take home more pay.

What's it all about? 

  • It's all about setting financial goals and achieving them.
  • It's getting clarity and control of your business financials
  • It's about knowing your numbers and starting to love them as they show increasing profits
  • It's about finding the fastest and most efficient route to permanent profit. 
  • It's about setting a 90 day profit goal that you can achieve
  • It's about creating a simple, but actionable profit plan to help you achieve your goal 
  • It's about supporting you through each 90 day plan and helping you stay accountable to your profit goal
  • It's about achieving that goal, celebrating your success with your profit payout.
  • It's about rinse and repeat to achieve your next 90 day profit goal
  • It's about finding and fixing profit leaks so you can make more profit doing what you are doing already. 
  • It's about developing profitable habits and keeping them
  • It's about building cash buffers and being able to pay your tax bills as they fall due
  • It's about taking home more of the money you make.
  • It's about achieving that 6-figure-take-home, if that's your goal
  • It's about taking the financial pressure away and achieving financial freedom - once you know what that means for you
  • It's about putting your profit first and let's face it - we are all here to make profit! 


We do this using innovative (but simple, intuitive and implementable) tools, techniques, strategies and systems that help you generate more profit and stay on track to achieve your profit goals. 

Who are we to advise on profit?!

We are qualified accountants whose day job is LITERALLY to help businesses make profit! 

It's the best part of our job! 

Join us TODAY and we will help you achieve your profit goals!

Why PROFIT should unashamedly be the first priority in your business...

It’s OK to want more…

A extra £1k? £5k? Or £10k per month? What difference would it make to you, to your family if you could achieve your profit goal?

Profit Hackers is all about making sure the hard work, time and effort you are investing into your business pays you back! You are the most important person in your business and your business should be set up to make sure you get paid first. It's ok to want to make more profit, to take home more pay, to have more cash in the bank, to free up more time for yourself and to have more control over your financials so you can make more impact in the world. Profit Hackers will show you how.

More Profit...

Buys you more freedom

Profit builds a business not just a job. Learn how to build a highly profitable, lean and efficient business. One which gives you the power, the freedom and the money to invest in the resources you need to grow a business that can function without you - not a job that is dependant on you to run from day to day. Profit builds a legacy and an exit strategy!

More Time ...

Buys you more opportunity

More opportunity to do the things that you want to do with the people who are most important to you. Perhaps you want more time out?  Perhaps you want more time to make more impact on the world? More time provides more opportunity. If you had more time, what would you do with it?

Less Stress

Gives you more headspace...

Eliminate stress and overwhelm by taking financial control of your business. When you feel like you have more control over your business finances, your personal financials and your time - you have the headspace to be able to think clearly, to make profitable decisions, plan for the future and keep moving forward.

90 Minute Money Mastery

To set each day up for profit

We share daily profit hacks so you can spend the first 90 minutes of every day working ON your business not IN it. If you started each day asking what can I do TODAY to generate £100 of profit (profit not sales) and did that every working day for a month - you'd have an additional £2000 of profit by the end of the month. That's £24k in a year. If you only achieved that in 10 working days of the month that would be an extra £1000 per month or £12k a year. Is that not 90 minutes a day well spent? (£100 is an example - your business might have a bigger profit multiplier!)

5 Day Profit Sprints

One Step Closer to Your 90 Day Goal

Identifying the ONE thing you need to do this week, that takes you ONE step closer to your 90 day goal. Then making it happen!

12 Days...

To implement Profit First

Fed up with being the last to get paid? Let’s start with your profit in mind. Our first job is to help you implement Profit First into your business. Start out with profitable foundations. Develop profitable habits and keep them.

12 weeks...

To achieve your first 90 day Profit Plan

Let’s set a simple actionable 90 day profit goal that you can achieve. Work that plan to achieve your goal. Celebrate your success with a profit payout. Feel awesome with that profit in your pocket! Rinse and repeat to your next 90 day profit goal.

12 months...

To make profit a permanent habit

Every business has a path to profit. It is our job to help you find yours and build a business that is permanently profitable. Know your numbers and start to love them as you achieve your profit goals. One 90 day profit plan at a time.

Incorporating Profit First...

Join us and put your PROFIT FIRST

Profit First is the best selling book by Mike Michalowicz that essentially 'hacks' the traditional cash management system followed by busy entrepreneurs - to transform cash eating monsters into money making machines. We thought it was such a great fit for Profit Hackers that we signed up as Profit First Professionals so we can show you how to bring Profit First into your business and make profit a habit.

"There is no magic, no trickery, no get rich quick scheme - Profit Hackers is just REALLY good, ACTIONABLE business practice - done efficiently, done effectively and done profitably. One step at a time.  ” – Lisa Dickson

When you join Profit Hackers...

You will:

  • TAKE HOME MORE PAY: Set personal profit goals and achieve them.

  • INCREASE PROFIT: find & fix profit leaks to keep more of the money you make

  • STAY ON TRACK: with your 3-page 90 day rolling profit plan

  • BUILD CASH BUFFERS: so you have 3-6 months of contingency funds

  • FREE UP MORE TIME: simple systems to get more done in less time

  • OVERCOME OVERWHELM: work smarter, not harder on profit generation

  • BOSS IT: know your numbers so you can make more profitable decisions

  • FUTURE PROOF PROFIT: with a permanently profitable business model

Profit Hackers: where profit is the new norm

Everything you need to become a lean, mean money-making machine

  • Daily Profit Hacks

    Simple, actionable and effective profit hacks that you can implement in your business today to drive profit into your bottom line

  • Weekly Masterclasses

    Live workshops and masterclasses to protect your business, boost your profits, save time, build cash reserves and achieve your take-home pay target

  • Resources and Tools

    Private Facebook Community, accountability and a library of PROFIT HACKER bundles - checklists, templates, scripts, cheat sheets and tools.

Meet Lisa and Harry, your PROFIT HACKERS!

Here to help:

A little about Lisa and Harry...

Lisa Dickson

CGMA, MBA, DiPM, Prince2 Practitioner

Mum of 2, wife to Paul and just like you - small business owner!
Chartered Management Accountant obsessed with helping small business owners build super successful businesses.
Loves Elvis and Marmite ! :-)

Harry Daglish


Husband to Naomi, first-time house owner and 'Dad' to Tipsy the Tortoise.
Chartered Management Accountant with a love of tools, tech and teaching.
Loves all animals and chocolate.
And salad!

What Profit Hackers is NOT...

It is not an accountancy service.  You can keep your favourite accountant and still join Profit Hackers. It's a profit-generating membership - run by accountants. Who help clients generate profit . A lot. 

What do clients and members say about us?

“Lisa provides a real "kick in the pants"! From accounts package to payment systems to management accounts and meaningful KPI reports. All that a growing business could ask for.”

Mark Johnston | Vetstream Ltd

“Lisa and Harry make accounting quick, efficient and dare I say fun? They find shortcuts for everything financial. They have saved us time and money by cutting out unnecessary accounting admin. A pleasure to work with!”

Tessa Meadows-Smith | RMS Recruitment

“Lisa has just changed my world with her advice. OMG - you have just saved me so much time and money! ”

Helen Bullen - Helen's Business Club

“Our organisation’s finances our running much more efficiently and smarter, our output has increased, therefore so have our profit margins. ”

Emma Walls | Cherished

“I have been following everything you’ve been putting out in Profit Hackers. It's been super super useful and it's all paying off. We might actually come out of this in a better position, with better financial habits than we would have otherwise been in. ”

Alex Stephenson | Lily La Mer

“Lisa, this is stupendously helpful! thank you thank you thank you! You are an absolute legend :) You are my Xero guru and I am in awe of your time saving, business hacking know-how. ”

Lizzie Jarvis

Your first 12 days

12 Day Free Trial

1) IMPLEMENT Profit First in your business. Set up your bank accounts. Start waterfalling cash. Find and eliminate those profit leaks. Quick wins to start creating new profit today. 2) CREATE your first actionable and achievable 90-day profit plan.

After 12 days

£97 per month (Incl VAT)

Daily profit hacks. Weekly profit sprints. Weekly profit workshops. Monthly masterclasses, support and actionable steps to generate more profit in your business and more take-home pay in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I know where to start?

    When you join Profit Hackers you will be given a tour of the club and our masterclasses. You can pick the topic that's most useful and will have the quickest impact on your business or you can follow our Profit Path and take it one step at a time.

  • Is it complicated?

    No. We will show you the fastest and most efficient route to profit and we are there to answer questions and support you every step of the way.

  • What's the time investment?

    Well that's up to you! How important is profit to you? Profit should be the first thing you focus on every day - 90 minutes is great - 30 minutes might be enough. We will show you how to build profit into your daily plan and routines. Part of that might to learn and implement a strategy from Profit Hackers, it might be to work on cash collection, or it may be working on the the next step of your own Profit Plan.

  • Will I get a return on my investment?

    Yes absolutely! IF you take action and put your PROFIT FIRST. We would expect you to make 2x, 5x, 10x or more return on your investment in profit hackers each month. The whole program is designed to pay for itself. Several times over.

  • Does the price include VAT

    Yes it does and each month you will receive a VAT invoice so you can recover the VAT in your accounts!

  • How long am I tied in for?

    You're not! This is a rolling monthly membership - you can leave at any time if Profit Hackers is not for you. We hope you will stay because you want to, not because you have to!