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Where we take you through the 12 steps that you need to take to fix your finances, even in a crisis.

Phase 1 is to STEADY your business and make sure you have strong financial foundations in place. Phase 2 is to get READY, to understand how your customers’ needs have changed and how you can serve them, profitably. Phase 3 is GROW. With firm financial foundations and a clearly defined profitable offer, it’s time to get in front of your customer as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

How To Get The Most Of Your Masterclass

Track Lessons Learned and Actions To Take

Schedule some time to invest in your business and your profits. Remove distractions and stay focussed for just over 1 hour so you can complete your masterclass. Take notes and write down the 3 biggest takeaways - what did you learn that you want to remember? Write down 3 Actions - things you will start doing or start doing differently to start building your profits? And then set a target to implement these actions within the next 5 days!

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