What you will learn:

Take the pain, fear and confusion out of directors' loan accounts!

  • Directors Payroll

    Understand why and how to run a directors' payroll. Understand what you need to consider when running directors' payroll and avoid the common errors.

  • Directors Loan

    Understand how directors loan accounts work. Learn how to monitor (and manage) the directors' loan to avoid penalties and charges. How to ensure that you can pay off the loan at year-end and avoid common errors.

  • Directors Expenses

    Learn which expenses the company can pay for and how these can be used to reduce the directors' loan account.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Disclaimer

  • 2

    1.0 Directors' Salaries

    • 1.0 Module overview

    • 1.1 Why run a Directors Salary?

    • 1.2 Tax Efficient Directors' Salaries

    • 1.3 What to consider when running a Director's payroll

    • 1.4 Common errors with a Directors' Salary

  • 3

    2.0 The Directors' Loan Account

    • 2.0 Module overview

    • 2.1 What is a DLA and how does it work?

    • 2.2 How does a DLA work in the accounts?

    • 2.3 Why do we monitor the DLA?

    • 2.4 How do you monitor your DLA?

    • 2.5 Accounting for the DLA at Year End

    • 2.6 Paying a Dividend

    • 2.7 Posting your Dividend Provisions

    • 2.8 How to clear an overdrawn DLA

    • 2.9 Common errors with a DLA - Cash 'Drawings'

    • 2.10 Common errors with a DLA - Cash 'Expenses'

    • 2.11 Common errors with a DLA - Poor Records

    • Common errors with a DLA - Lack on Control

    • 2.12 Common errors with a DLA - Lack on Control

  • 4

    3.0 Directors' Expenses

    • 3.0 Module overview

    • 3.1 Directors paying for Company's expenses

    • 3.2 Company paying for Directors' expenses

    • 3.3 What can a Director claim for?

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