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Not sure what expenses you can put through your business? Our Masterclass will tkae you step by step through the A-Z of expenses that you can claim through your business and what to look out for. Claim everything that you are entitled to and don't pay a penny more in tax than you need to.

  • HMRC Tests for Allowable Business Expenses

  • Ultimate A-Z of Tax Deductible Expenses

  • Expenses That You Can't Recover VAT On

  • Expenses That Are Dissallowed For Corporation Tax

  • Expenses That Are Treated Differently When You Are A Sole TRader

  • How To Use PAYE Settlement Agreements For Employee Benefits

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    • The Ultimate A-Z of Business Expenses

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Lisa & Harry

Your Profit Hackers

Lisa Dickson – CGMA, MBA, DiPM, Prince2. Mum of 2, wife to Paul and Just like you, a small business owner! Chartered Management Accountant obsessed with helping small business owners build super successful businesses. Loves Elvis! Loves Marmite! And dislikes the word ‘Can’t!’ Harry Daglish CGMA is husband to Naomi, and ‘Dad’ to Tipsy the Tortoise! Proud first-time house owner. Chartered Management Accountant with a love of tools, tech and teaching. Loves all animals. Loves chocolate and salad! With ambitions to be a published author!

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