Course curriculum

  • 1

    Our Preferred Proposal Software

    • [BOOKKEEPERS] Our preferred proposal software

  • 2

    Letter Of Engagement Template

    • Letters of Engagement - Live Masterclass 9:30 20th October (Replay to follow) File corrupted and I need to rerecord!

    • Letter Of Engagement - Short Example

    • Letter Of Engagement - Long Example

    • Letter of Engagement Text - For you to copy, paste, adapt

    • Letter of Engagement Template - WORD Downloads

  • 3

    Compelling Proposal Documents

    • Creating A Compelling Proposal Document

    • Proposal_Bob Builder Test Co Ltd_Example

  • 4

    Privacy And Cookie Policy Templates

    • Overview of GDPR Compliant Privacy and Cookie Policies

    • Privacy Policy Text - For you to copy, paste and adapt

    • Cookie Policy Text - for you to copy, paste and adapt

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