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1) To Earn More Money!

Working too many hours for not enough pay? Afraid to raise your prices?

Learn how to price your services, sell your skills and increase your value to your clients so they are happy to pay higher fees. Build efficiency and profit into your business so you can scale. Use world class systems and clever automations so you can do more in less time. First build a 6 figure turnover, then build a 6 figure take home and build a business that allows you to do the things you love with the people you love!

2) Qualified Expert Support

Feeling a bit lonesome? Out of your depth? Second guessing yourself? No one to ask?

We are here for you! Stop trying to Google the answer and hope that it's correct...! Ask your questions in our private Facebook group. Lisa and Harry are qualified CIMA accountants and CIMA members in practice - here to answer your questions and help you find the right answers to your bookkeeping conundrums.

3) Develop Your Skills

Feeling out of touch? Fed up with paying for training that costs a lot but adds no value?

Warren Buffet once said - "the more you learn the more you earn" - he was absolutely spot on. Learn tangible, practical skills and techniques that you can use to create more products and services for your portfolio. We will show you how to upsell those new services and pitch them successfully to your clients.

4) Build Your Confidence

Fed up with doubting yourself? Always waiting to be 'found out'?

Serve your clients and answer their questions with confidence. All the best businesses have mentors and advisors. Bring your burning question into the Facebook group and discuss it with the community. All questions welcomed and answered as soon as we can. We often run LIVE FB tutorials and do a full Xero demo showing how we would deal with that conundrum in our business. Chances are we will have seen it before!

5) Get Higher Paying Clients

Fed up with attracting price sensitive, needy customers that drain your time, your pocket and your energy?

Learn how to become the go-to expert in your area, build a reputation, build a following, build a name and build a brand. Most importantly build a funnel of clients wanting to work with you and happy to pay your fees.

6) Be The Profit Driver

Do you get the occasional dig about your 'expensive' fees? Client sees you as an overhead not an asset?

Well, let's flip that right on its head! Learn and implement our Profit Path system to build more profit in your business, then use it to help your clients build more profit into their business. Become a profit driver for your clients instead of an overhead. Turn your clients into raving fans!

7) Work Less and Play More

Fed up with all work and no play? Working into the night to meet client deadlines?

Learn how to manage your clients and their expectations. Learn how to prioritise profit for both you and your clients and do more in less time. Learn how to manage your workflows and control your deliverables so you never miss a deadline and finish work so you can spend time with the family.

Here to help you!

We feel your pain! But we have the solution!

We train our clients' in-house bookkeepers and are often called to help or consult self-employed bookkeepers who need extra help or a second opinion. We created these masterclasses to help them and have created the Bloody Brilliant Business Bookkeeper Academy to help you too.

The Academy includes:

Here are all the masterclasses that are included in your membership (+ new masterclasses each month):

Getting To Grips With Tax

No-one wants to pay tax, but tax is a 'quality' problem to have and to manage. Tax liabilities are generated in a business when taxable sales exceed taxable purchases and when there are taxable profits to declare before we can pay a taxable dividend. Success is taxable! So rather than stressing about tax - let's make sure we are proactively managing those tax liabilities so we (or our clients) never pay a penny more in tax than we need to.

Just for you...

The bloody brilliant business bookkeeper...

If you are a bookkeeper in practice looking to improve your skills, build a profitable business and grow a portfolio of clients who love what you do - this academy is for you! Masterclasses, tutorials, checklists and expert advice available when you want it, whenever you want it.

Academy benefits

What is included in your monthly subscription?

  • A library of business bookkeeper bundles - masterclasses, checklists and printables that you can work through when, where and at a pace that suits you. These are the checklists, tools and resources we use with our own clients so we know they work!

  • Instant access to new masterclasses as they are released

  • Access to our Bloody Brilliant Business Bookkeeping Facebook Community

  • Facebook Live Resources and Q&As. We often pick a member conundrum and troubleshoot it in the community.

  • Regular Q&A sessions - although you can ask questions when ever you like and we'll answer them as soon as we can

  • Access to Lisa and Harry - qualified CIMA accountants - here to answer your questions.

  • Ask for the training you need and we will create it for you

Meet Lisa and Harry

Chartered Accountants and Number Nerds!

A little about Lisa and Harry...

Lisa Dickson

CGMA, MBA, DiPM, Prince2 Practitioner

Mum of 2, wife to Paul and just like you - small business owner!
Chartered Management Accountant obsessed with helping small business owners build super successful businesses.
Loves Elvis and Marmite ! :-)

Harry Daglish


Husband to Naomi, first-time house owner and 'Dad' to Tipsy the Tortoise.
Chartered Management Accountant with a love of tools, tech and teaching.
Loves all animals and chocolate.
And salad!

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